fountain of happiness

You might remember some days when you felt fully contented. You would have felt like you achieved a lot and a serenity settles in. A secret to keep that happiness locked forever for us to rejoice is  – never to celebrate it loud. It is yours and yours alone. When you try to be ostentatious about you feeling happy that day, it becomes a rare to experience again and it

being childish

As we grow, we learn to reason. We know what happens when something is done. We judge, we prepare and we know what to do and what not to. We become cautious. That is when we become adults. Knowing where you are, what you are doing and its consequences make us look matured and adults. Why should we always be judgmental and cautious and prepared? World is not such a bad place.


This day is one beautiful gift for you. Just you. Live it fully. Many live their entire lives proving something or the other to somebody else and forget living. When you bring someone else essential for your life, you spoil the true spirit of living and you can’t expect to grow and learn your life, your way. Let it be for the good or the bad, but live your life your

choosing your everyday playlist

Do  you listen to songs? What kind of songs? You think you are happy or crabby? Look at your playlist for the answer. It tells you your mood more than you think you know how you feel. You can’t listen to peppy numbers when you are down. In that way, music understands your mood more than your friend. Be cautious though, songs that are dark, that you listen to when