This day is one beautiful gift for you. Just you. Live it fully.

Many live their entire lives proving something or the other to somebody else and forget living.

When you bring someone else essential for your life, you spoil the true spirit of living and you can’t expect to grow and learn your life, your way.

Let it be for the good or the bad, but live your life your way. Love and relationships should not hinder your journey called life. Love whole heartedly, but never make anyone – your spouse nor your child nor your grandchildren an essential ingredient of your life. This I mean in a very good way.

Travel a lot. Try experimenting. Learn from new people. Meet new folks. Share love with everyone.

Never see yourself from somebody’s eyes. Don’t compare lives. Never feel ashamed of what you have done or what you are. Learn every minute. Grow every minute. Learn to face your fears and dust off and keep walking. Life is beautiful. You can transform yourself from the moment you believe you can.

People around only react even those who love. Only you could act. If you don’t like the way people are reacting – Ignore and change your act. You can. Everything else will follow suite.

Take the life head on, make every day beautiful.

Don’t blame the traffic, don’t blame your ignorant kid, don’t blame the small mistakes of others, don’t blame anybody or anything. You have all that you need to make the day yours.

Knowing that you are growing is a beautiful feeling. Grow incredibly every day. You are the only one who can stop you from growing. Don’t stop yourself. Afterall, it’s your life!

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