When sleep becomes the best part of the day in your life, something is terribly wrong.

Running the rat race, pretending and wearing masks all day long might some times take a toll on your happiness and your inherent joy.

In dreams, we venture the unchartered lands. In real life, when we stop experimenting and pushing ourselves, sleep becomes the best part. Reality creeps and imagination dies and everyday chores come up in dreams. It is when you need to rejuvenate. Take a break. Discover yourself. Take the vacation. Travel.

Keeping it simple – “Dream while awake”. Don’t fear or doubt your abilities. You are the best.

No one were ashamed of their dreams(while asleep) because we need not share it with anyone. No one would question the logic. All we do in dream is just for us to cherish or to dread . We are in our own lands without the intervention of others.

Possibly, this is what dreams were trying to tell us all along.

You need not share it with anyone. If you achieve or even if you fail, you need not answer anyone or justify your failure.

Start living the best you always wanted to be. Start dreaming  now, what you always wanted to be, when you are awake. Not tonight.

Start believing and dreaming and trying new things. Don’t think you are one among many.

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