I love my parents. I get a great deal of joy and happiness when spending time with my parents.

Before getting there, let me tell you why I should probably be hating them.

My mom likes to take care of my needs, when I really could take care of them myself. Their complete disregard for my privacy! They like to lecture on culture and the right way to do the simplest of mundane things. They don’t talk anything new and interesting. They are boring. They have idiosyncrasies and peculiarities that I don;t like.

When I mull over these things about my parents – I realize what I am trying to tell myself is ‘I am not them’. ‘I don’t want to be them’. ‘I am different’.’I am better’. My feeling of being different, unique gives me a hope that I will live a more meaningful life than theirs(perceived).

If I am correct – How could a billion people who live lives, ailing from various geography, ethnicity, economic, cultural background live life without commonality.

Intent to look different in outlook and attitude, is understandable when people start forming opinions on seeing you. Right? But how could we be different than being a human in leading a life.

It should be as simple as breathing in and out. The meaning of life could be different for each one of us but breathing in and out is the same for all. This is the truth. The moment we realize this, we will tend to listen to what our parents are all the while trying to tell us.

They share THEIR LIVES as advice, THEIR LIVES as a way of love, THEIR LIVES as truth.

It is TRUTH but theirs. It does not mean you should act indifferent to them because that way you are not learning from them but ignoring truth. A flavor of truth.

You are not special. You are not unique. You can be the best you can be. You can better yourself from what you were yesterday. But, you are not special in this world. No one owes to lookup to you. If anybody looks up to you, you could be thankful, That is all.

Listen with respect. Respect their experiences. Accept their valor and achievements. Laugh at their folly, with them. Empathize their failures.

To hate your parents because you feel more intelligent or unique or because you feel them to be mediocre is like a single cell telling the entire body that it is different and it cares little for what the rest of it does and says as it has more potential to grow than them.

I believe you know what that cell is – It is the cancer. You are not a disease. You are the cure.

It is time to let others in. Time to realize, you are part of the whole.

You are here to make a difference and you are not the different. Time to stand up more than you care to stand out. Time to achieve greatness more than you care to fight the mediocre.

Today, leave all your prejudice and quick wits aside and spend some quality time with your parents at the kitchen table.

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