Looking at people laughing, peps up my mood always. I am still carrying a smile on my face when typing this –  the post happy syndrome of yesterday’s party.

When giving and sharing happiness, it really spreads. The lack of expectation for the other to extend their joy, the spontaneity in expressing happiness without feeling out of place and forgetting where we are, does magic.

Be yourself, enjoy, provide unconditional love, forget who the damn you are. Cut the ego and enjoy the moment. I was damn happy this morning and I don’t know why. It is a great feeling, to get up and as if it is already decided that the day would end good for you.

Good feelings should always spread or they die, bad feelings should always be curbed so they die.

Do you spread happiness freely or does your happiness cost you something. Act as if good feelings are abundant with you and cost you nothing.

Similarly treat the bad ones, anger etc., to be costly commodity and which is scarce with you, spend them wisely.

Have a great day!

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