How long it had been since you learnt a new skill. Are you honing the skills you already have. When we were children, some of us had the opportunity to learn many skills let it be driving, singing, writing, reading…anything.

Down the line, we got diverted excusing ourselves by saying that we are getting focused. Focused on what? Money? Family? Responsibility? But money or family or responsibility alone does not make your life.

Get focused on your life. Life do have money, family, responsibility and as well as you.

It’s like expecting David to slay Goliath without anything in his kitty. To face life, you need strength and confidence and the source of these are your skills. Hone them. Don’t let it die inside you.

Pursuit of Happiness is the driving force for all humans deep within and a sure way to achieve that blissful state is seeing yourself not be at you 80% but at your 150%. Push yourself. Learn new skills and talents every day and as day rolls, a magic would be created.

You would see yourself in a place where you never expected yourself to be in your wildest dreams. Life would have become a boon.

What are you enrolling yourself in, … today?

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