This day is one beautiful gift for you. Just you. Live it fully. Many live their entire lives proving something or the other to somebody else and forget living. When you bring someone else essential for your life, you spoil the true spirit of living and you can’t expect to grow and learn your life, your way. Let it be for the good or the bad, but live your life your

are we busy?

Many of us are busy. We don’t attend a friend’s party or we put off our lunch, citing many reasons. But are we really that busy? The truth is – when we are really involved in our work and work efficiently, we magically find time to do all that we want. Sometimes you might have noticed, after having worked at a task with full involvement, the enormity of work that

choosing your everyday playlist

Do  you listen to songs? What kind of songs? You think you are happy or crabby? Look at your playlist for the answer. It tells you your mood more than you think you know how you feel. You can’t listen to peppy numbers when you are down. In that way, music understands your mood more than your friend. Be cautious though, songs that are dark, that you listen to when

listening – a satisfying gift

Listening is a skill now a days. We don’t listen because of a few many reasons. Either we have a lot to say or we want to be recognized immediately. We can’t wait to show how great our ideas are. Listening is like taking the backseat, letting someone else drive and it is like handing over the steering to them. You should let them drive where they want to. You

talk to your parents

I love my parents. I get a great deal of joy and happiness when spending time with my parents. Before getting there, let me tell you why I should probably be hating them. My mom likes to take care of my needs, when I really could take care of them myself. Their complete disregard for my privacy! They like to lecture on culture and the right way to do the simplest