Never, ever take love for granted. It doesn’t come that way. When someone shows their love and affection to you, you have all the obligation to reciprocate. Don’t neglect the love that comes your way.

We think that whoever show love to us would do so forever because we don’t appreciate the efforts they put into it. Showing your love to someone is the most difficult of all. Someone doing it to you means they still believe you too have it in you, but when their belief in you wanes, the love stops and only then would you start realizing.

So, don’t postpone your love. Show it, it’s not wrong, a smile, a hug, a kiss is never late. Generally, we take our mother’s love for granted and after sometime our spouse’s love for granted.

Some big deeds after sometime would feel like the simplest of sacrifices. Say, your spouse waits every day for 20 mins to pick you up after work. After sometime, you might stop appreciating his/her deed. You mom washing your clothes, cooking meals every day, 365 days without break goes unappreciated.

Life is not a movie, to always ask A.R.Rahman to create magic in the background score to draw that one drop of tears from your eyes. Try to appreciate the love from your dear ones.

As they say, Even the smallest of love is created only by sacrificing big things.

Guard the love from waning. Loving love, multiplies happiness and joy.

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