You might remember some days when you felt fully contented. You would have felt like you achieved a lot and a serenity settles in.

A secret to keep that happiness locked forever for us to rejoice is  – never to celebrate it loud. It is yours and yours alone.

When you try to be ostentatious about you feeling happy that day, it becomes a rare to experience again and it loses its charm.

When you are happy and at the same time at peace, you are fully charged. Utilize it to augment your happiness by concentrating on your duty.

Yah, Pursuit of Happiness is a niche but Pursuit by Happiness would make more sense to feel blissful always.

When you know that happiness could catch you anytime, why would you try hard to feel happy.

Keep your heart in whatever you do. Do the best today hoping always for a better tomorrow.

Try to achieve the smallest of growth everyday. I mean a small personal growth. Do one thing everyday that would make you happy that day.  Not for happiness’s sake.

If you notice, the things you had done all along would have had happiness in them but what made you not draw happiness out of it is not having paid attention to it.

In Japanese culture, tea drinking ceremony is done so ceremoniously and with such dedication so that you are there at present when you drink that tea. Appreciating the company of other fellow tea drinkers and relishing the small (tiny) cup of tea with your whole heart.

Put your heart into what ever you do and relish the small nuances of everyday to keep the chest of happiness with you life long.

There is no other big secret, if you had expected one all along.

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