Fear – the most valuable emotional advantage that we have inherently.

No one is fear free. It is fear that had made us rule the world

Ignoring the extreme phobias, We do fear a lot of things  – darkness, ghosts, height, closed areas, open grounds, public speaking etc.,

Take a step back – And try to define what fear is. Could you image fear?

What is it? Is it as easily definable as happiness or anger?

Let me try – Palms sweat and get cold. We shiver and a chill shoots down the spine. Eyes pop out and gets dialated. We feel hair in back of our neck stand up and our heart paces making it almost audible.

But what is this fear, it seems all physical . What is it emotionally? Fear is an emotion which we create out of necessity unlike other emotions.

I feel, fear is created to make us feel alive and to save us from danger.  It is a feeling created to take control.. Lack of options and lack of control creates fear to give back control to us.

Let it be any kind of fear, be it darkness, ghosts, public speaking. We would have been introduced to these things or would have experienced them not out of our own will but by force. The inability to make the night bright, the inability to back off from a stage presentation and the experience tied with those actions of us, had left an everlasting phobia in us.

So, today, face your fear, you decide to do it, no one is forcing you to do it, you face it and it would vanquish it because you are in control. Face it  how much ever meek your effort be. Even attack your fear in the most cowardly way but attack it.

Then you would know, that it is nothing but your unpreparedness that had caused the fear. When you become prepared for anything and everything. It disappears because you are in control.

Conquer your fear, Face them and break them!

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