Creativity is left to those who are best at it. Artists, authors, actors, painters, musicians,designers do need creativity. Creativity is sprinkled all over their lives. What about the common man? Can he exempt himself from being creative.

Many of us work hard, think hard when we are asked to be creative. That is the funny part. Creativity is the act/art of letting go your pre-conceptions, prejudices, your ego and the awareness about the things, people and place around you.

Letting go of your experiences and relishing the moment helps you be creative. All creative professionals are creative, just because of this.

How can a common man like us put to use creativity in our daily lives. The fear that immediately grips when one thinks to be creative always is losing one’s identity.

Why? Because ego and being aware of other’s feelings towards you helps you to survive in a competitive world. By being unaware of people and place around you, you could make a fool out of you.

Then what is the take? There is an alternative to be creative without losing your identity.

Save your ego, save the knowledge you have gained, save your competing edge but but don’t make judgement of others. Don’t scale yourself against others. When love becomes the inherent feeling that flows from you. Creativity would be spontaneous.

Once you master this art of being creative without losing your personality, then a lot could be achieved.

You can do a lot – be creative in surprising your spouse, know what your kid would love by buying those goodies without consulting anyone. You could know when your friends are in need and stretch your hands before they ask for it.

Sprinkle love in your life and your way of live to be creative everyday in whatever you do.

Go with love to be creative, than going with the flow.

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