Do  you listen to songs? What kind of songs?

You think you are happy or crabby? Look at your playlist for the answer.

It tells you your mood more than you think you know how you feel.

You can’t listen to peppy numbers when you are down. In that way, music understands your mood more than your friend.

Be cautious though, songs that are dark, that you listen to when you are down – If you have them in your regular playlist, give it a second thought.

Songs spread mood too. If you start your day, with a mournful song – No wonder you would feel depressed.

Start your day with some good music – that suits your style – peppy number or a melody.

If it enthuses you and energizes you, it is good. Have a separate playlist for your negative moods – don’t mix it up.

A small change that could make your day amazing. Have a great day.

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