As we grow, we learn to reason. We know what happens when something is done. We judge, we prepare and we know what to do and what not to. We become cautious.

That is when we become adults. Knowing where you are, what you are doing and its consequences make us look matured and adults.

Why should we always be judgmental and cautious and prepared? World is not such a bad place.  Is it?

There are wonderful people around.

Do you still like balloons, can you buy one for yourself, just for the fun of it? Do you still say please not formally but yearningly if you like something. Do you still jump in joy or just say thank you. When we let go of our presumed prestige – We feel vulnerable and childish.

Might be an exaggeration. Your societal status might stop you from being what you like to be. But don’t let it strangle you. Let go of presumptions and be childish atleast now and then.

Do one out of the way thing everyday. Say buying a flower to your loved one. Gifting your best friend. The list is endless and is indeed countless.

Think from the shoes of a 5 year old kid. What would you do if you like to show your mother, that you love her?

Be childish. Don’t bother to be called childlike. Be childish.

You will be surprised the fun you get everday out of this. You are not programmed to be a dad, a boss. You are just a grown up kid.  Live life like a 5 year old kid atleast 5 minutes every day to see what I mean.

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