Many of us are busy. We don’t attend a friend’s party or we put off our lunch, citing many reasons.

But are we really that busy? The truth is – when we are really involved in our work and work efficiently, we magically find time to do all that we want.

Sometimes you might have noticed, after having worked at a task with full involvement, the enormity of work that you have completed might baffle you. You would wonder howmuch of work you have finished already.

This is the secret – Focussed work.

You won’t break anyone’s heart if you keep focused on the job at hand. In a way, you need to forget your commitment, to keep the promise. Concentrate on the job rather than on you or your efficiency of working or the outcome or the surrounding you are in or the impact of the work you are doing.

Keeping it simple, when you really DO the job, removing all emotions or concerns or fears or apprehensions surrounding the job at hand, you will become efficient and you will find yourself having a lot of time at your disposal.

When you take up a work, just DO the work, with the positive intention of completing it successfully with no apprehension or fear. A simple rule to become the most valuable player in your company and your life.

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